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2021 ALL Classes BHS Bi-Annual Reunion
School Songs
Alma Mater
Lyrics as printed in the 1959 Derrick
Hail Burk High your banner paints the sky,Your colors symbolizing glory that is your destiny,All through the years your halls echo with praise,Your children sing with voices clear,All hail our Alma Mater.
Fight Song
Lyrics as printed in the 1942 Derrick
We’re loyal to you Burk,We’re backing you on Burk high,We’ll back you to stand against the best in the land,For we know you will win Burk High,Rah! Rah!

So step on that ball Burk High,We’re backing you on Burk High,Our team is our fame protector On, boys, for we expect a victoryFrom you, Burk High!