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2021 ALL Classes BHS Bi-Annual Reunion
Fine & Performing Arts
The category was established in honor of the 80th Anniversary of the BHS Marching Band’s formation to celebrate ex-graduates who have made exceptional achievements in the field of fine and performing arts, to acknowledge high school achievement and to promote the value of the BHS fine and performing arts programs.
NOMINATE An artist
Qualified Candidates
  • Graduated from BHS at least 10 or more years prior to the nomination.
  • Individual must have demonstrated significant achievement in fine or performing arts while attending BHS, i.e. regional or state level recognition by the UIL.
  • Posthumous awards may be granted.
Criteria for Selection May Include:
  • Had art work accepted into and displayed at local, regional, and/or national exhibitions.
  • Awarded All-State literary or performing arts competition designation.
  • Has pursued a college degree in the performing or visual arts.
  • Has pursued a career in the performing and/or visual arts.
  • Has contributed to the promotion of cultural activities at the local, state, national or global level.
  • Has provided leadership, impact on fine arts programs.
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