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2021 ALL Classes BHS Bi-Annual Reunion
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Next All Class Reunion  October 2023
All Class Reunion  
October 2023
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The Burkburnett High School Alumni Association was formed in 1958 by a group of BHS alumni who had a desire to give something back to Burkburnett High School and to foster the rich history, Bulldog spirit and tradition of BHS.

The primary purpose of the association is to provide a forum for communication among graduates of Burkburnett Hight School and to further the promotion of the school through alumni scholarships and contributions to school programs and activities.
Here is your chance to get reconnected, visit with old classmates and make new friends!

We would like to have as many BHS graduates as possible to become members of the Burkburnett High School Alumni Association.

The fee is $20/ annually. Click the link below to complete the application form.
You have the power to strengthen Burkburnett High School by “giving back.”  BHS’s graduates – from leaders of every imaginable profession: medicine, law, business, the arts, academia and on and on – almost universally recognize and appreciate that BHS was the bedrock of their success, setting the path toward achievement and excellence. 

With every contribution, you’re advancing the work of teachers through additional professional development; awarding scholarships to dedicated students who need and deserve them; enabling the integration of the arts with science, technology, engineering and mathematics instruction; aiding in the printing and distribution of student publications; and supporting teams and clubs as they compete, travel, and win.
The Association hosts an all graduating class reunion every odd numbered year.

The Association would like to encourage each class or group of classes to hold a reunion during the all-school reunion or during the traditional BHS football homecoming week.
Do you have any current or old photos of school, school activities or organizations you would like to share?

We can use any digital photo that can be sent to us electronically, or we can scan any photo any promptly return the original to you.