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2021 ALL Classes BHS Bi-Annual Reunion
My Most Unforgettable Teacher will honor:  Collective contributions that teachers have made to the development of Burkburnett over the years.
2023 Inductees
Greg Leonard BHS Class of 1972 - Algebra Teacher and Football/Basketball Coach - 1981-2006
Jim Sternadale French and Social Studies Teacher  -  1969-2002
2021 Inductees
Charles David (Jake) Fite Vocational Agriculture teacher for 31 years - 1970-2001
2019 Inductees
Joe Nemecek Math - 1970 -2009
Charles F. Gregory Band - 1975-1984
Anita OWen Physical Education, Student Council, Pep Club & Drill Team - 1966-1998
Rondell T. MullinsTeacher, Coach, Administrator - 1957-1958 & 1960-1968
2012 Inductees
Virginia Rose Sjolin BJHS English & Computer - 1970 -2002 & 1st BISD Dir. Of Technology
Zell Nikerson Schmidt BHS English, Journalism & Business & Dir. Of Voc. Educ. 1962 -89
Sydney Gamblin Askins Class of 1950, BHS Choir/Music
Emma Baker BHS Math  1952-87
Minnie King Benton BHS History & Civics  1944-72
Ella Billingslea English I-IV   1925-1952
Fern Bloodworth BHS Speech & English  1970-77
Virginia Carpenter Elementary and BHS
Bill Darland BHS Principal  1971 - 1994
Mary LaRene Davis Elementary & BHS  1939-58
D. F. Douglas BHS Principal  1943-1950
Irene Dunn Hardin Elementary  1942-45   1959-75
Pauline Evans 1st Grade Hardin & Southside Elementary  1942-77
Dorthy Faulk BJHS – Math & BHS Home Economics 1957-82
Dorothy Lewis BHS English  1959-83
Jimmie McClain BHS Band Director 1962-75
Mary McGinnis Central and Hardin Elementary  1918-53
Letha Moore 1st School Nurse  - 1961-90
Tom Moore BHS Science 1961-84
Dorothy Page BHS English 1959-82
Violet Perry Hardin Elementary - 1st Grade & Special Education – 1955-71
H.J. Powell BHS Shop, Mechanical Drawing, math & TX History -1946 -73
Laura Powell BHS Business  1946-83
Louise Ratliff BJHS English
Sharon Warren BHS Home Economics  1968-97
James C. Wickersham BHS Band  1953-66 - wrote school song
Nomination Criteria
A single teacher can make all the difference in the world and can make the world different for a child. Did your most unforgettable teacher do any of the following for you or someone else?
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